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With the help of our passionate staff, we strive to make our sober living experience as affordable and accessible as possible so that everyone can find success in their journey towards sobriety and long-term recovery. Donate now to help us continue our vision!

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Dennis ChandlerDennis Chandler
14:05 28 Nov 19
Gilly's House was a labor of love, founded by Barbara and David Gillmeister in honor of their son Steven. They turned their grief into something so positive and uplifting, creating a warm, safe place for men serious about their recovery from addiction. We have toured Gilly's House and were so impressed with the space, each resident having a beautiful bedroom and all of the support services needed for their success in recovery. Bedrooms at Gilly's House are all lovingly decorated by families who have lost loved ones to addiction. We provided a meal for one of their "Suppers with siblings" nights, and we look forward to continuing to support this amazing organization.
Daniel DoreDaniel Dore
23:16 27 Nov 19
Certified! Gilly's has set their eyes upon providing safe, sound, and certified assistance to those choosing recovery on a daily basis. Strong supports exist to keep clients focused upon a life choice of living clean and sober one day at a time. Offering a quiet comfortable environment assists each client the best opportunity of a focused life. Gilly's is supported by the town and its citizens and its neighborhood. If one is serious about recovery then consider Gilly's. Revs Dr Dan and Ellen Dore'
Thomas GeysenThomas Geysen
21:17 27 Nov 19
I know from working with Barbara and David that Gilley's house is a grade A facility for men to work on their recovery. I have a friend who is a resident there and raves about how well run, organized, and tuned into avenues of help and support that give the men the best opportunities to succeed. I have helped friends of mine who have lost sons in some of their efforts to create a room that has their son's interests and style. You need to visit Gilley's House to fully appreciate it.
nick Cappuccinonick Cappuccino
21:12 27 Nov 19
I have volunteered at Gilly's House numerous times. The house is a great place for men who are serious about their recovery to continue on their path and to heal. The bedrooms and other living areas are all adopted by parents who lost a son to addiction. They have decorated and dedicated the rooms to their loved ones. The house offers more than just programs for the men that live there. They also have both a siblings and parents support groups. If you are looking for a sober home in the Wrentham area, I would recommend Gilly's.
Leslee HodgmanLeslee Hodgman
18:01 27 Nov 19
Gilly’s House is the sort of recovery house that I wish my son had had the opportunity to live in. Instead, my family chose to honor his memory by dedicating a bedroom in his name. Renovating, furnishing and decorating Ian’s Room was a labor of love, as all the other bedrooms and common rooms were for the other families who dedicated these spaces to their sons who struggled with addiction and lost. I volunteer at another sober house through my church, and I must say that Gilly’s House is so warm and comfortable by comparison. The staff are serious about supporting men in their recovery and this is a positive environment in which to achieve it.


Although it saddens me to say, my time at Gilly’s House will be coming to an end.  On January 27th I will be handed keys to my new apartment.  I choose this space due to its proximity to my Waltham office and family in Sharon.  The complex is beautiful and I am very excited to continue my journey towards a brighter future.  I will not, however, ever forget where I started and all the help I got along the way to get where I am today.  

  On March 6th, 2020 I moved to West Street with two nickels in my pocket and 30 days of unwelcome sobriety — I had no idea what to expect!  I had lost everything that was once good and still was not sure I cared about anything other than where I’d find my next drink.  I knew I hit rock bottom.  I knew if something didn’t change I’d be left all alone either on the streets, in a jail cell, or….  Gilly’s House is exactly what I needed to regain some control and take back my life.  Unbeknownst to me I would find solace here.  For the first time I admitted I was powerless over alcohol – that my life had become unmanageable.  I learned it is  possible to be happy and stay sober at the same time.  I started seeing things clearer.  I started to replace a bad habit with a few good ones.  I started getting back things that I lost.  I started to realize that the good far outweighs the bad. 

   I will never forget about all the love and support I have personally received.  I have also witnessed more care and support for any man who shows an inkling of need.  Gilly’s House saves lives and I know that everyone and their families is thankful for that.  It is a place to reset, regroup and take back what is rightfully deserved.  I can’t thank each of you enough (I will surely do so on a 1:1 basis) for everything you have given me.  February 2nd will be one year for me and I know the journey will never be over.  I know I never want to go back to where I once was and that Gilly’s House was the place that has given me a chance to the best version of myself.  Thank you all for that and for consistently putting others before yourselves — you will never be forgotten.  

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